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Category: Tubes
  • spad194:

    holy crap i want this so bad

  • borosilly:

    its too bad this isnt a production piece and theres probably only two of these

  • Danjvintge:

    preem. on the wishlist, / one of hamms pieces

  • Quizy:

    This is what scotty worked on the star trek enterprise i think! Incredible!

  • phantom:

    China green or not it is incredible. Zp uses china white and is as popular as you can get.

  • phantom:

    Hamm Brushland is the leading scientific designer of glass.

  • Scully:

    one of Hamm Brushland’s new Coriolis recycler designs

  • Scully:

    one of the new coriolis recycler designs

  • herbsherbz:

    looks sick but looks like CHINA GREEN

  • Chubbs:

    I’m not even sure what I’m looking at?

  • Chubbs:

    Whoa! WTF?!?!

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