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added 993 days ago to My Glass

Mad Robb, Sov, Toro

  • gbrahms:

    would you trade that shrub for a double macro

  • CaliOG:

    trade both single cans for my munny

  • gnator:

    How much for the green label toro?

  • Valdeez:

    How much for the mad rob?

  • i-dab-face:

    is that a mad robb in the top left the slime or that a toro

  • russinniko:

    trade for big z mini tube and shad cowboy collab?

  • fadedpanda:

    trade any for my mxc?

  • jaykay:

    check out my page if youre interested in trading any of those.

  • Capecod710:

    I feel ya buddy All good

  • r3cluse:

    sorry man

  • r3cluse:

    interested in specific pieces only right now Capecod,those being macaroons,macro’s and fritted disks

  • Capecod710:

    Do u hav anything u would trade for my two bubs. Take a look at my page for pics

  • r3cluse:

    I’d trade it for a macaroon or $500

  • Capecod710:

    Would u be interested in trading the mad rob or do u want $? If so how much?

  • r3cluse:

    Thanks guys :) all for sale except Flytschool’s former slyme froth froth

  • FlytSchool:

    froth froth looking good in another home!!!

  • Capecod710:

    I want that madrob

  • slocumbr13:

    nice arsenal

  • jdmkush:

    these for sale

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