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added 892 days ago to My Glass
Category: Heady, Oil rigs, Scientific
  • 0cNGrnKUSH:

    now that is SICK straight ill as uck bro! 2k huh? cant put price on something unique/that u want/use

  • jdmkush:

    thatonesnot inverted but i might pick that one up too

  • ace710420:

    the only difference i think is the base has that blue splat and and more flaired out

  • DankHydroKush:


  • MidwstDabr:

    boss man that’s cool as fuck!! bet you enjoy having that piece in the collection

  • jdmkush:

    Yeah that’s how much they cost man

  • ace710420:

    what did that cost you? there is one at this place called glass stache in alexandria but its 2grand

  • dtlog2:

    yea i dropped about the same on mine. I need to get one of these newer ones though.

  • jdmkush:

    Yup frotharoon:)

  • Cald4891:

    O n THAT is epic. Frotharoon?

  • Cald4891:

    Lol @ quizzy. Took me a sec but I’m w ya

  • Bahenrique:

    Masterpiece is all I have to say

  • Ttym527:

    one of the sickest iv seen

  • Quizy:

    I could hit that shit ALLL DAYY!!! :) very nice

  • dtlog2:

    how much you pay? i have one too but these new designs and faucet marbles are nutty. check mine out.

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