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added 918 days ago to My Glass

$700 14mm 6-7in email: artisnic (at) gmail.com

  • volatile:

    I never ment to pass on this. Such a beautiful piece pa jay kills it.

  • honeyspot:

    love it

  • squad1017:

    Send me a text 8056578660

  • shocktec:

    trade a toro 7/13 full slyme shrub bent neck

  • milkdr0p:

    Yes this is still available

  • nectarsec1:

    is it still available buddy .. i really like the piece

  • GlassBay:

    MilkdrOp is a great seller, just did business with him on another piece and it went great!

  • ace710420:

    sorry for comment i see now it says 6-7 inches

  • ace710420:

    how tall is this piece?

  • Dive_BHOmb:

    that piece is BEAUTIFUL!! If i had $700 i’d so buy that, With a matching dabber and dish too. NICE!!

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