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added 835 days ago to My Glass

Prototype “Fuck You Munny, by Ludachris Glass. Dish built in the back of the head which eliminates the stale smoke and doubles as splash gaurd. Disk diffused down stem. Just wanted feed back NFS

Category: Heady, Oil rigs, Scientific
  • CaliOG:

    If you would sell I’m willing to buy

  • Jcamz:

    Check my buddy’s both TY expo lots of Chris’s pieces there http://youtu.be/cez5rprkFVw

  • strobe:

    I didn’t notice that, you should add some more pics of the back. I think the stand is a good idea

  • Jcamz:

    I hear ya strobe, but I’d pay extra for fuctionability, plus these will never tip over, as there mounted

  • trill_:

    ↓ Hahaha kid is mad as fuck he can’t afford Munny

  • BudBundy:

    Munnys are only for smoking crack, right?

  • strobe:


  • strobe:

    That worked coyle is way nicer for 550 just saying

  • prince420:

    if you say so !

  • Jcamz:

    Yeah thats wholesale, if u owed a store and bought 6 month you could get that price lol

  • prince420:

    id say clear 450-500 worked depends on the work

  • Jcamz:

    Why @loudaf23 what do u think these should retail for?

  • loudaf23:

    @jcamz Really? hmm that seems relatively high!

  • prince420:

    ill take the prototype ahaha lol

  • Jcamz:

    This is a prototype just wanted feed back but i think these are double what u paid for that maobius

  • prince420:

    trade for mobius 65t

  • Wu_Sciple:

    super sick!

  • COdablife:

    mad cool dude, too funny that this lil guy is throwin the bird

  • Dabafornia:

    hahaha too down…

  • lreindl:

    Very rad my guy!

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